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Is there a good OSS tool (web control panel) to manage hosting/vps and server?

Tema en 'Paneles y Software' iniciado por Kidbooo, 20 Mar 2019.

  1. Kidbooo

    Kidbooo Nuevo usuario

    Hello everyone,,
    I search a good open source web hosting control panel. I am not a big hoster company, just enthusiast, who want to have easy in use and, hmmm, useful tool to control my vps hosting for my projects ... and maybe, for my friends with their accounts.

    In my VPS I planned to host proxy-server, ddns, several web sites, maybe, some other services. I did not any enterprise-grade functionality, just fast control of domains and dns (domain parking, subdomains, ssl-sertificates, let's encrypt in 2-3 clicks, etc), sites (domain linking, folders for sites, ftp, password access for some directories, safe_mode config, file and db managers, etc), popular services, if possible (ddns, squid, cloudflare integration ...), server administration: full or jailed ssh, sftp, cron scheduler, antispam ... Is there a good, current (no abandoned) open source analog to cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager?

    I see WebMin, BrainyCP, ISPConfig, VirtualMin, Zentual (eBox), i-mscp, some other variants. But most of them look like abandoned, ancient things. Which of them is the best and can it compete with ISPManager or cPanel? How about free plugins for cloudflare, ddns, squid, let's encrypt and other services?

    For example, i-mscp has many good addons, but most of them are paid. In addition, the program itself looks somewhat "old-fashioned".

    ISPConfig looks more progressive, completely free, but it does not have such plugins (on the official website, at least), besides, looks like something very complex and hard to manage.

    Virualmin / Webmin, Zentual, BrainyCP look good, but I do not trust, that I can trust them :) (The last is especially).

    Any other varians? If you know good solution, please, explain your opinion.

    inb4: cPanel / WHM is very good solution, but i asking for free and competitive alternatives. Are they exist?

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